Branding a Campfire Classic

Naked Marshmallow Co. Branding - Brand Identity

Let’s all get Naked!

Whoa! Keep your clothes on… but as winter starts to bite, what better way to take the edge off than sparking up a wee Marshmallow Toasting Kit and pouring a glass of Salted Caramel Marshmallow Vodka from The Naked Marshmallow Company?

Naked have re-invented the world of marshmallows with a unique and innovative range of naturally handmade products. Their branding needed to be equally dynamic and encapsulate their light-hearted take on a campfire classic.

Inspired by campfire marshmallow toasting, Design Happy created an iconic crossed sticks marshmallow graphic and amplified Naked’s handmade proposition with a simple and understated brand mark. A bespoke pillow box structure with a tent inspired diecut in bright, punchy colours delivered real shelf appeal and standout.

After establishing the Naked brand, Design Happy moved on to include their brave new range extension introducing real marshmallow infused gin and vodka to their portfolio.

The use of textured kraft paper and the copper type belly band evoked premium credentials whilst the wax sealed cap representing the tasty, gooey marshmallow, added the perfect finishing touch.

Naked Marshmallow Co. Range Packaging Design
Naked Marshmallow Co. Gin Label Design
Naked Marshmallow Co. Alcohol Label Design

The campfire camaraderie between Design Happy, the Naked team and print partners Label Apeel ensured creative boundaries were pushed all the way through from concepts to print to achieve superior high-end finishes.

The Naked guys have made a real impact on the increasingly competitive start-up food and beverage scene. Listings in Liberty’s, Selfridges, and a recent recommendation on the Gadget Show has seen a flurry of excitement and more importantly sales.

Oliver Randall, Nakeds’ Co-Founder, said “We have been working with Design Happy for several months now. Each step of the way has been nothing less than superb and they have totally transformed our brand. We now send samples and pitch our products, feeling immensely confident and proud of what we have and that is owing to the exceptional design skills and talent of the Design Happy team. We’ve not only gained new listings but have also seen a strong rise in sales thanks to our beautiful and eye-catching branding – we really cannot recommend them enough!”

Richard Bray, Creative Partner at Design Happy says the feeling is mutual “Oliver and Joseph knew what they wanted and had a good eye for modern design, but they also had complete trust and confidence in our abilities to deliver and let us get on with what we do best. This fostered a really effective and enjoyable working relationship and we would work with them again in a heartbeat!”

Success worth toasting.

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Naked Marshmallow Co. Before and After Packaging Design